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12345 / password / qwerty1234 or what a strong password should look like?

Sometimes we don't think about the importance of crafting a password to protect our accounts, email or social media accounts.

Creating a strong password consists of:

- Password length. The password must contain at least 8 characters, and preferably 10 or more.

- The presence of numbers and letters of upper and lower case that do not go in a row - AAaaBBbb.

- The presence of special characters - "@", "$", "&", etc. (if their presence is permissible).

A strong password should not contain names, animal names or city names, as well as date of birth or phone numbers, since such a password will be guessed by password guessing programs.

The three most frequently used passwords were 12345, 123456, and 123456789, which were identified in the database a total of 6,348,704 times.