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5 IT products that help companies during quarantine!

Products that help you work remotely without compromising employee productivity!

1️. UzcardTrade. An electronic platform designed for legal entities to participate in all types of electronic commerce 24/7, the purchase or sale of goods (works, services) has become much easier and safer.

2️. ETM. Electron Task Manager is an online project management system. Based on the Japanese kanban control method. The kanban approach helps teams visualize work processes, expertly analyze them and increase the effectiveness of task management.

3️. EDM. Electron Document Manager is an electronic document management system that allows you to organize and automate the work with electronic documents throughout their life cycle. The main functionality includes the ability to create, modify, store and route documents, as well as several service capabilities, such as search and classification.

4️. MyUzcard. Payment system designed to make non-cash payments in electronic form, through web and mobile applications (Android and iOS).

5️. Electron Call Center. A system with effective quality control of the sales department at any time, maintaining a customer base, statistics and analytics of incoming calls and requests, the ability to distribute calls among employees, the presence of a voice menu, which reduces the time of answering a call.