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Genesis Innovation continues to push the boundaries in IT.

Our company was one of the first to launch a project office in Uzbekistan. PMO implementation eliminates risks and conflict situations associated with projects both within the company and for partners.

What is PMO really?

The Project Management Office (PMO) is the Project Portfolio Management Office (PMO) that exercises overall control over the management of all company projects, including coordination, monitoring, tracking budgets and schedules, and communication within the team and all stakeholders in the project. All this helps both the manager and the customer to understand and track the progress of the project.

What roles and functions does PMO perform for the customer?

This type of project management has been introduced not only for managing their own projects, but also for partner companies wishing to use software development services and project management in accordance with international PMO practice in Uzbekistan.

During the period of work, the project manager of the partner company is directly involved in the development of the project and training in methodological support, which in the future will positively affect the management of quality, risks and personnel.

We are glad to open new horizons in the world of information technology, and we are also ready for cooperation and partnership.