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How is a client's solvency rating determined?

Also, how the rating of players in football is calculated.

Football ratings are based on a unique and comprehensive statistical algorithm and are calculated during the game. When calculating a player's rating, each significant event is taken into account, depending on the place on the field and its result.

The rating measurement system consists of points, it calculates data and reviews the accuracy of statistics. Ratings can be upgraded or downgraded based on goals conceded, goals scored or unopened 90 minutes score. The growth of the rating is influenced by the individual position of the player and the time spent on the field.

Similarly, the U SCORING system analyzes the customer's solvency based on numerical statistical data.

Based on the results of the points gained, the system decides to approve or refuse to issue a loan, microfinance or the ability to provide goods and services in installments. Consideration of the application takes place as soon as possible, no more than 30 seconds after being sent for evaluation.

The system excludes the issuance of conclusions based on opinions, judgments and assumptions!