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It's time to take stock of 2020!

Our team decided to remember and share the events of the outgoing year.

During this year, many goals have been achieved, successfully developed and running projects, there have been changes as part of the team and in the structure of the Company's work.

Even at the beginning of the year, we updated the company's website, and thanks to joint cooperation with organizations such as GNA, GTL, "Kerkurilish", Atto, Toshisikkuvati, we managed to embody such projects as: warehouse accounting, HR system (ESM), electronic document flow (EDM), FIZ tax collection system. Persons (S.A.T.), Surgeon, a payment collection system for hot water and heating (IQPay). Web services were also developed: ATTO.UZ,,, @cardxabarbot.

During the time of the pandemic and access to quarantine, we did not stop the work. Thanks to a properly developed and thought-out policies of the company, changing the project management methodology with Waterfall on Agile, we promptly finalized and implemented software products to automate business processes of companies carrying out any type of activity, and also developed tariff plans for small and medium businesses.

Our company received a license for the right to carry out the activities of the payment organization. Already in 2021, we are preparing for the release of our new project, about which we will tell in future posts!

To date, a set of employees in our large and cohesive team continues. We have developed and implemented a program for a set of students, which turned out to be successful, thanks to which young, promising and ambitious employees work in our team!

Summing up, we want to note that for this year our team has learned a lot and learned a lot. We have become older in the professional field, discovered new directions, modern ways to promote and enormous opportunities!