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Take a project without a technical assignment or refuse it?

At first glance, the question makes you wonder whether it is worth abandoning the project when there is no technical task from the customer.

But just think about what you will get yourself into if you take it.

▪️ Add functionality that was not initially thought out, but it may have a tail;

▪️ Agree on the cost and get into the trap yourself;

▪️ Or "come up with and modify yourself", the idea was given to you;

▪️ Or it may be that at the time of development, the customer decides to change the concept of the project, but why not?

There will be many pitfalls, so think carefully before making a decision!

Is it possible to build a house without a project?

Maybe there will be a three-story building, or maybe 9, but is it brick or is it made of concrete?

Here in IT too!