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Technologies that will change your business!

Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) is a network of data transmission between things, and not by people who work between themselves in real time.

Internet of things includes several phenomena at once. It is the devices themselves that are used in any industry where something can be automated. For example, data that generates or collected is analyzed and use devices to enhance comfort.

Our team has developed and successfully implemented developments IoT:

1. Fleet Management System.

Software with the ability to track cargo via GPS-beacon in real time.

2. Turnstiles with Faceid.

Turnstiles with cameras follow the actions of employees if the employee did not put a mask, the system will not miss it.

3. Smart Bus Station.

The system monitors public transport provided with GPS sensors.

"Internet of things" promises many positive changes in different sectors, you will save a lot of time, which used to perform daily routine actions. Each of us can join the world of things without any difficulties.

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