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The role of a mentor in Genesis Innovation.

The mentor at Genesis Innovation is an employee who will help the newcomer survive the adaptation stage, provide the necessary preparatory instruction, direct and, where necessary, prompt.

1. Adaptation

Genesis Innovation mentors make the process of acclimatization in a team more relaxed and smooth. Provide employees with information about the history of the company, familiarization with the structure and culture of the company, and also display the most accurate job responsibilities.

2. Socialization

Mentors help to understand the rules of team interaction and the established norms of the company. Formally introduce the employee to colleagues and management.

3. Development of professional skills

Mentors develop certain personal qualities to develop a positive employee attitude towards the job. Offer educational trainings, seminars and lectures.

4. Motivation

Each person is special and unique. Therefore, mentors find an individual approach to employees and support them at every stage of work, which leads to the achievement of goals.

5. Monitoring and evaluation

Each mentor supervises the employee's work process, which makes it possible to determine achievements and difficulties both at individual stages of work, and in general.

All this motivates employees to achieve better results in their work!