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EWM system

Electron Warehouse Manager is a software product that automates the activities of various types of warehouses, including geographically separated ones.

EWM improves the efficiency of task and warehouse management:

- using EDS (electronic digital signature) for orders, sales, deliveries and registration of applications;

- with the ability to work in a single system from offices remote from each other;

- optimizing the business processes of warehouse logistics;

- controlling inventory balances, goods movement, staff loading, loading of warehouse space;

- marking consignments of goods and their collection using a QR code;

- carrying out an inventory without stopping the work of the warehouse, since the real balances coincide with those recorded;

- minimizing employee errors;

- teaching warehouse employees to work in the system without the need for additional skills.

The system is integrated with 1C and synchronizes all information on purchases in real time, eliminating paper documents.