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Development of financial technologies in the territory of Uzbekistan

Today lending, investment, insurance, payments and transfers are becoming an integral part in people's lives, and with this, financial technologies do not stand still.

Financial technology or Fintech is the provision of services and services in the field of finance using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics, cloud technologies and others.

Fintech is an actively developing industry that has several main goals:

- Promoting the development of competition in the market;

- Improving the quality, range and availability of services;

- Reducing risks and costs;

- Ensuring the safety, transparency and sustainability of technologies.

Our company is actively developing this industry and has several developed products in its arsenal:

STCS is a tax collection system aimed at ensuring timely receipts, integrating with IT solutions and ensuring transparency in the payment of taxes by the population.

This system is designed to automate and optimize the activities of inspectors of departments and inspections at the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

EcoPayment is a software for collecting payments for household waste and garbage.

The system has been implemented in the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. on ecology and environmental protection.

IQPay is a software designed to collect payments for heat energy from individuals and legal entities, tracking the movement of inspectors, debts and consumers, excluding the human factor.

This system has been successfully implemented and optimizes the work processes of TOSHISSIQQUVATI inspectors. Every year, financial technology increases its impact on business, which leads to powerful technological progress in the future.