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Modern approach to working with Smart systems!

Our company has developed new products at attractive prices for small businesses:

Smart EDM — Electron Document Management System. Forms and automates work with electronic documents throughout their life cycle.

Smart ESM — Personnel Document Management System. Decides the tasks of automation of personnel accounting on the basis of the requirements of the labor legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Smart ETM — Task Management System. Enhances the efficiency of management of tasks in the Japanese management method "Kanban".

Smart ECC — 24/7 Call Center. Carries out control of the quality of the work of the sales department at any time.

License for each SMART system - 5,550,000 soums.

*SMART data data have limitations on the number of users and functionality.

You can familiarize yourself with the tariffs of the systems in more detail on our website or by calling the number: +99871 203-42-24